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Testosterone Total

670.00-700.00 370.00-400.00

This assay is useful for evaluation of men with signs and symptoms of possible Hypogonadism like loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, gynecomastia & infertility. It is also useful in evaluation of boys with delayed or precocious puberty. The assay can be used to monitor anti- androgen therapy as in prostate cancer, precocious puberty & male to female transgender disorders. It helps to evaluate infants with ambiguous genitalia or virilization. The assay can serve as an adjunct in the diagnosis of androgen secreting tumors.



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LC-MS/MS is the gold standard for steroid hormone assays due to increased sensitivity & specificity as compared to immunoassays. All applications that require measurement of very low level of testosterone ( eg. hypogonadal men, children, virilization or intersex disorders in women etc) recommended test is Testosterone total, Ultrasensitive.

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